The Works Consulted

Your Works Consulted is the total list of resources encountered throughout your Research and Inquiry process. The Works Consulted is broader than a Works Cited as it includes all materials that you read, regardless of whether or not you cited them directly in your own text.

Any research based paper or report must include a full and properly formatted Works Consulted (APA or MLA or Chicago style).  Failure to submit a Works Consulted amounts to academic dishonesty.  No such work will be evaluated in the absence of a Works Consulted.

The construction of your Works Consulted should be part of your ongoing Research and Inquiry process.  You should be recording your sources into your Works Consulted as you encounter them.  Keep one tab or window open to your Works Consulted at all times.  As ESA’s recently retired Teacher Librarian Mr. Downey liked to remind us… the internet has “infinite, invisible revisibility.”  Content changes all the time.  Being able to find your source again is important.

Every course, and every teacher, will have individual preferences with respect to the formatting protocol.  Traditionally, difference disciplines have used specific formatting protocols.  These subject specific lines are blurring.  Always be sure to check with your teacher to understand course specific expectations.

The Grade 9 Geography course introduces students to NoodleTools. Students are encouraged to create NoodleTools account and use “Project Lists” for all research assignments in each and every of their courses.  Instructions for creating a NoodleTools account are posted above.

I am a really big fan of NoodleTools.  There are lots of other citations generators out there, but I like NoodleTools the best.  I’ve been using it, and recommending it to students for many years.  I think it has the best functionality, from an educator and student perspective, and it’s so much more than jsut a citation generator.  I recently (June 2013) came across an article about NoodleTools in the magazine Internet@Schools.  Titled “The New Media Center: Noodling around in NoodleTools” it provides a really good overview of many of the reasons why I’m so sold on this site.  Whether you’re a student, teacher or parent, it’s definitely worth a read. (N.B.  Some of the functions discussed are not available to us at ESA because we use the scaled down free version, and there are lots of alternative work arounds).


Reference Sources: The Works Consulted
Purdue On-Line Writing Lab (OWL): APA Formatting and Style Guide
Purdue On-Line Writing Lab (OWL): MLA Formatting and Style Guide
Purdue On-Line Writing Lab (OWL): Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition
Concordia University Libraries: Citation and Style Guides

Generating Your Works Consulted
Register noodletools.pdf

Citation Machine

Etobicoke School of the Arts Library
From the ESA Library website…

  • TDSB Student Research Guide (Research Toolkit > Research Success @ Your Library)
    Refer particularly to Stage 4: Transferring Learning, Pages 52, 69 – 82


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