The Research and Inquiry Process

The Research and Inquiry Process

The Ontario Library Association has a new document titled Together for Learning: School Libraries and the Emergence of the Learning Commons (A Vision for the 21st Century).  This document explains the expectations regarding Information Literacy throughout the curriculum.

Today’s schools are experiencing a great deal of change. Just as the rest of the world’s political, social, economic, and scientific realities have been shifted by swift advances in information and communication technology, so too has education. These forces are altering the way people work, play and learn. Schools are being challenged to harness the unfamiliar yet incredibly fascinating opportunities presented by this transformation… all while ensuring students emerge with the skills they need, not only to survive, but to thrive. Development of a Learning Commons addresses this challenge.

Ontario Library Association

 The Appendix of this document is of particular importance to teachers and students.  The elements of the Research and Inquiry Process are laid out, step by step, and may be used to guide oneself through a research task.

Of additional particular interest is the TDSB Student Research Guide.  This document is available by way of the link to the Research Toolkit at the ESA Library website.  All students are encouraged to download a copy of this document onto their desktop for convenient access.

Selected portions of the Research Guide are available via the links at the bottom of the page you are taken to (paragraph above).  To access the full file you now have to select “Research Success @ Your Library” (under Secondary Schools).  The file is password protected.  See the Library bookmark for the password.



Academic Honesty

Expectations regarding Academic Honesty are defined in the new Ontario Ministry of Education document titled “Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario”…  reference pages 42-3.

Additional information is available in the Etobicoke School of the Arts Academic Honesty Brochure for Students and Parents**.  You may access all of the materials relating to ESA’s Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures in a handy online flipbook.

All Grade 9 students receive orientation and training in Academic Honesty, primarily through the Grade 9 Canadian Geography course.  However, all students, in all classes, in all grades are expected to continue the development of their research and inquiry skills throughout their high school career.  Individual courses are assigned responsibility for the continued development of these skills as students progress towards graduation.

Information to support student learning and the achievement of Academic Honesty can be accessed by using the drop down menu at the top of this page under Research @ Your Library.


**  You will be redirected to Slideshare in order to access the Academic Honesty Brochure.  This WordPress blog format does not allow for the posting of PDF files.  You will need to create a free Slideshare account to access the file.



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