Revising and Proofreading

Revising and Proofreading are two distinct stages in the Research and Inquiry Process.

In this day and age, when you are in fact composing (writing) on the computer, you are likely engaged in constant revision.  That’s great.

The revision referred to here is altogether different.  Final revision means looking at the entire product…  and may involve the complete re-writing of anything from the part to the whole.

Proofreading occurs after revising.  You should always proofread everything you write before submission.  It is just as important to give your work over to a fresh pair of eyes, to someone who is not invested in the actual research and writing.

In some cases this may be a peer.  In other cases you might want to give your work to an adult to look over.  You could utilise a peer editing template when engaged in this process.  The attached file (below) is modeled on the peer editing worksheet used by some of the English classes at ESA.


On-Line Resource Sites
Purdue On-Line Writing Lab (OWL): Proofreading
University of North Carolina Writing Centre: Editing and Proofreading
Dartmouth Writing Program
Revision: Cultivating a Critical Eye

Etobicoke School of the Arts Library
From the ESA Library website…

  • TDSB Student Research Guide (Research Toolkit > Research Success @ Your Library)
    Refer particularly to Stage 4: Transferring Learning, Pages 50, 51, 65 and 67


Etobicoke School of the Arts English/Geography
Sample Peer Editing Worksheet
peer editing worksheet.pdf



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