Presentation Tips

The fine art of presenting is, as with any talent, a learned skill.

Refer to the PDF file below (under Helpful Hints) for some accumulated bits of wisdom – originally generated by students!! – that should serve as a guidebook!!

Also take a peak at a great Infographic titled 27 Presentation Tips (also posted below… click on the image to save).

At the end of the day, it is always best to “Remember the Golden Rule”…

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!!
In other words, if you want the audience to be attentive to you,
then be attentive to the rest of your classmates when they are presenting!!

Lastly, you might also want to check out the Tools for a Digital Age webpage at the ESA Library Digital Literacy Wiki.


Helpful Hints
Presentation Tips


Etobicoke School of the Arts Library
From the ESA Library website…

  • TDSB Student Research Guide (Research Toolkit > Research Success @ Your Library)
    Refer particularly to Stage 4: Transferring Learning, Pages 58 – 66


Here is the great infographic from An Ethical Island reference above… shared here with you under a Creative Commons licence.














































































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