Book Recommendations

What Ms. Wray has been reading lately…  I’ve lost access to my previous account, and have tried to reconstruct what I’ve read the last couple of years.  The most recent entries, beginning with the Western Light, are this year’s reads.

Enid's books

5 of 5 stars
Wow! Compelling read. Never mistake the length of the book for the punch it can pack. Proves that there is no such thing as "another Holocaust story." Fact based fictionalisation of the secret that haunted his family when he was growin...
The Universe Versus Alex Woods
4 of 5 stars
Another lovely, delightful, heartwarming tale. Life as a series of unexpected happenings. Darkly comedic. Gotta read it.
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
5 of 5 stars
John Green for queer kids. Beautiful, heartwarming, delightful. Not enough praise for this book.
The Orenda
4 of 5 stars
Another great contribution from Joseph Boyden. I had a little trouble getting going on this one.. had trouble identifying the various voices and figuring out what exactly was going on. Once I did get things sorted out though it was cl...
The Western Light
4 of 5 stars
(Long awaited) follow up to The Wife of Bath. If you know and love Georgian Bay - Midland, Penetanguishene and surrounding area - you can't help but love this book.


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