Neil Gaiman Talks Directly to You

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Thousands of book clubs nationwide can’t be wrong – they love The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and they love Neil. The love is so great that we brought Neil into our video studio to speak directly to book clubs, and to send his love right back at them.

So, if your book club hasn’t yet read The Ocean at the End of the Lane, watch this video. It will give you a sense of the marvelous, mysterious, and beautiful story that Neil tells in Ocean, a story that has beguiled so many other book club readers across the nation.

And if your group has already read The Ocean at the End of the Lane, we say, right on! Perhaps you’d like to share this email with your reading group. No doubt, in the video Neil answers some of the very things you debated amongst yourselves.

(From William Morrow’s Book Chatter column)

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10 Breakable Grammatical Rules

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We’ve previously featured Harvard cognitive scientist Steven Pinker discussing writing at a Harvard conference on the subject. In that case, the focus was narrowly on academic writing, which, he has uncontroversially claimed, “stinks.” Now, “not content with just poaching” in the land of scribes, writes Charles McGrath at The New York Times Sunday Book Review, Pinker has dared to “set himself up as a gamekeeper” with a new book—The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. The grandiose title suggests to McGrath that the scientist intends to supplant that most venerable, and most dated, classic writer’s text by Strunk and White. He’s gone from chiding his fellow scholars to writing prescriptions for us all.

Learn more at Open Culture.

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