New Books are Ready

At long last.  All those books you’ve been watching us process on the trolleys at the Circulation Desk are ready to go.

Drop by and take a look. The YA and Graphic novels have been put on display in the stacks. We are still working on the display for the remaining books.

If you can’t drop by, please peruse the offerings at our newest addition to the ESA Library Online…  Our brand new Pinterest site dedicated solely to announcements about new books.

Many thanks to our Seneca Library Technician student, Sara, for her help in setting this up.

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OLA Forest of Reading: White Pine

The White Pine books have been announced and will be in the school shortly. Get a jump on your reading by taking a sneak peak at this year’s nominees at the Forest of Reading website.

Mark your calendars.  The White Pine Forest of Reading event will happen at Harbourfront on Wed May 14th.  ESA is registered to participate in this year’s White Pine festivities and will be attending the celebrations at Harbourfront.

Fill out the Google Form to join our White Pine reading club.  Be the first to know when the books are in

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Crash Course on Literature with John Green

As a preteen, I steered clear of “young adult” fiction, a form I resentfully suspected would try too hard to teach me lessons. Then again, if I’d had a young adult novelist like John Green — not far out of adolescence himself when I entered the YA demographic — perhaps I’d have actively hoped for a lesson or two. While Green has earned a large part of his fame writing novels like Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and The Fault in Our Stars, a sizable chunk of his renown comes from his prolific way with internet videos, especially of the educational variety, which also demonstrate his possession of serious teaching acumen. Last year we featured his 40-week Crash Course in World History, and today we offer you his collection of crash courses in English literature.

Read more and watch the video at Open Culture.

Ernest Hemingway’s Delusional Adventures in Boxing: “My Writing is Nothing, My Boxing is Everything.”

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(Screenshot from Open Culture posting)

In a 1954 interview in the Paris Review, Ralph Ellison said of one of his literary heroes: “When [Ernest Hemingway] describes something in print, believe him; believe him even when he describes the process of art in terms of baseball or boxing; he’s been there.” I read this thinking that Ellison might be a bit too credulous. Hemingway, after all, has provoked no end of eye-rolling for his legendary machismo, bravado, and maybe several dozen other Latin descriptors for masculine foolhardiness and bluster. As for his “boxing,” we would be wise not to believe him. He may have “been there,” but the real boxers he encountered, and tried to spar with, would never testify he knew what he was doing…

Read the full article at Open Culture.

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Study Finds That Reading Tolstoy & Other Great Novelists Can Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

A new study published this week in Science concludes that you may get something unexpected from reading great literary works: more finely-tuned social and emotional skills. Conducted by Emanuele Castano and David Comer Kidd (researchers in the psych department at the New School for Social Research), the study determined that readers of literary fiction (as opposed to popular fiction or non-fiction) find themselves scoring better on tests measuring empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence. In some cases, it took reading literary fiction for only a few minutes for test scores to improve.

Read the full article at Open Culture…

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EBSCO Search Changes

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For those of you – especially Grade 9’s – who are using the Online Databases accessible via the ESA Virtual Library…  I received this e-mail from EBSCO yesterday…

As a valued EBSCO customer, we want to let you know about exciting enhancements to the EBSCOhost interface. On, or after, 29 October 2013, EBSCO is releasing several updates and enhancements to the overall look of the Search, Search Results, and Detailed Record pages within EBSCOhost.  These updates provide a more visually appealing and intuitive interface for our users and are a part of our continued efforts to improve the EBSCO search experience based on customer feedback and requests.

Read the full details, and see new sample search pages.

The Complete Wizard of Oz Series, Available as Free eBooks and Free Audio Books

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(Screenshot from posting at Open Culture)

The classic Wizard of Oz series was written by L. Frank Baum between 1900 and 1920. There are 14 volumes in total, starting with the most well-known book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Below we’ve gathered every volume in the series, in both text and audio formats. If you have questions about how to load files onto your Kindle, please see this instructional video. You can find early film adaptations of The Wizard of Oz in our collection of Free Movies Online. Plus elsewhere on our site we have the complete Chronicles of Narnia (in audio) by CS Lewis, another enduring children’s classic.

Get all the links here.

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