Inspire students to read and travel with The Global Bookshelf

The Global Bookshelf is a book search and recommendation engine that was started by my friend Gillian Duffy. The purpose of The Global Bookshelf is to help people find travel stories. The books you’ll find aren’t travel guides, they’re travel stories that could inspire you to visit a new place and experience a new culture. You can browse The Global Bookshelf by region, genre, and book format (Kindle, PDF, physical book).

Applications for Education
Gillian is very keen to have others add their book reviews to The Global Bookshelf. If you have high school students who have read some travel narratives, consider having them write a review to share on The Global Bookshelf. This is a great way to provide an authentic audience for your students’ work.

Of course, The Global Bookshelf is good place for your students to find books that they may enjoy reading. Maybe they’ll read a story that sets them off to explore the world.

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Margaret Atwood: Maddaddam

Margaret Atwood talks about the conclusion to her dystopian trilogy about the fragility of life on Earth.Read the full article, and watch the video, at The Toronto Star.

P.S.  I’ve already finished reading a Digital Review Copy of Maddaddam.  If you are an Atwood fan – like I am – and/or simply enjoyed Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, then this is must reading.

Watch for a copy to arrive in the ESA Library very soon.  Get on the waiting list to sign it out by completing this Google Form (for ESA Students and Staff only.  TDSB login will be required to access this document).

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