On Plagiarism

Forwarded to me by a colleague:

‘Today, a student was presenting his written work in front of the class. About a quarter of the way through his reading, I began to doubt it was his work. Passable, but not him. I took the last sentence he read out loud and Google’d it. I found it as he was about halfway done. I began reading it along with him from across the room. You don’t plagiarize in my class.

(I am unable to verify the original source… How funny is that! Find a reference at coderedd.net)

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How Technology is Shaping the Future of Libraries

Libraries are in the middle of a massive disruption right now. That much is known by pretty much everyone. Like the newspaper industry, they’re looking to technology and other methods to enhance their offerings and resources while feeling the pinch of smaller budgets. (Sound similar to schools and pretty much every other industry?)

So what are libraries actually doing right now to turn themselves into the perpetually useful spot to dig up the best research, find help with your education, and the many other activities they’re so well known for?

For one, the general public is relying on the free services offered by libraries more than ever before. Whether that’s due to the economy or not, it’s a good sign that the future of libraries is bright as long as they’re accurately steered in the right direction.

Key Takeaways

  • There are over 121,000 libraries in America and 69% of Americans use libraries
  • 67% of libraries offer downloadable e-books and 28% lend out e-readers and mobile devices
  • 95% of libraries have some kind of online, social media presence

This infographic from Open Site spells out the current and future trends happening at libraries in your school and around the world. Enjoy!


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