Copyright Infringement

The Art of Fielding Author Sued Over Copyright Infringement

Charles Green, a former college baseball player, is suing best-selling The Art of Fielding author Chad Harbach. Green alleges that Harbach copied many elements of his manuscript, Bucky’s 9th, including “the specific climax and denouement.” According to Green, the screenplay, which was later reworked into a novel, was shared widely among publishing and entertainment professionals, which is when he believes Harbach had the opportunity to pounce. Only time and an expensive lawsuit will tell.

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Understanding Intellectual Property

This video follows the story of a creative and talented woman named Candice who plays music, invented a new instrument and created a new business. Using copyright, patent and trademark laws, she learned to how to protect and build a business from her creations. It teaches:

•    Why intellectual property is different from physical property
•    The risk of not establishing and protecting ownership
•    Why copyright law matters in selling and managing your creative works
•    Why patent law matters in protecting your inventions
•    Why trademark law matters in protecting your brand

LINK to the video here.

(Mind… These are American videos… You need to be compliant with Canadian regulations, but the general points are still valid)

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Copyright and Creative Commons

This video helps to explain the basics of copyright law and creative commons licensing and the role each can play in helping creators protect and share their work. It teaches:

•    Why copyright law exists
•    How to copyright a creative work
•    Creative Commons licensing basics
•    How both copyright and Creative Commons licensing can help creators
•    Rules of thumb for using licensed work

LINK to the video here.

(Mind… These are American videos… You need to be compliant with Canadian regulations, but the general points are still valid)


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ESA’s Own Book Club does Canada Reads 2017!

The 2017 Canada Reads Finalists have been announced.  This year’s theme is: What is the one book Canadians need now?

Join us, in the evening, on Wednesday March 8th, as the ESA Book Club engages in our own Battle of the Books.

If you’d like to join us, please:

Stay tuned!  We’re going on a field trip to the Canada Reads taping on the morning of Thursday March 30th.

  • Details to follow shortly.

Important Copyright Update!

As posted in an OSSTF Bulletin to Teachers in January 2017:

Member Protection – Advice: Use of copyrighted materials in the classroom

In 2012 he Supreme Court of Canada clarified the meaning of “fair dealing” for the classroom when it comes to using copyrighted material by educators. To ensure that copyright violations are avoided, the Copyright Consortium of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), has launched the Copyright Decision Tool. It is an on-line resource developed to assist with the understanding of copyright and when copyrighted materials can be used without getting permission under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act.

OSSTF recommeds that all educational workers use the Copyright Decision Tool to assist in their use of copyrighted material and protect against allegations of violating copyright by the owners and publishers of it. OSSTF/FEESO continues to advocate for the fair use of print/broadcast/digital material for educational purposes. The web site can be found at and is easily accessed by computer and mobile device.

If you have a print copy of the orange Copyright Matters Guide (it looks similar to the image attached)…
  • It was the 3rd edition…  which has been superceded by the 4th Edition…
  • Only available online here
  • I encourage everyone to download their own PDF copy and keep it handy where you can access it easily.
The Copyright Decision Tool website pulls together a wide ranging set of resources – previously difficult to find – under one web umbrella.
  • I have added a link to this website in the Academic Honesty LINKS section on the ESA Library AW site.
  • I will also put a link into the Library @ ESA Copyright Folder on the Teacher Share.

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Holiday Reads is Back…

Holiday Reads is Back!!

Drop by the Library Circulation Desk and fill out a Holiday Reads ballot.

  • Tell us what book you’re planning on reading this Winter Break
  • Or tell us what book is your favourite Winter Read ever

Every book recommendation submitted will be entered into our Annual Holiday Draw.

Five lucky winners will go home for the holiday with books and blankets and more!  Draw to take place on Thursday December 22nd.

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A “Politic” thought…

From the folks at  A.Word.A.Day…  Today’s word (so appropriate): Politic

    adjective: Tactful; shrewd.
    From Old French politique (political), from Latin politicus (political), from Greek politikos, from polites (citizen), from polis (city). Earliest documented use: 1427.
  • USAGE:
    “I think it might be politic to keep our views to ourselves.”
    William Stafford; Drinkwater’s Daughter; Andrews UK; 2013.

Perhaps even more appropriate, today’s Thought for the Day:

As freely as the firmament embraces the world, / or the sun pours forth impartially his beams, / so mercy must encircle both friend and foe. -Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, poet and dramatist (10 Nov 1759-1805)

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We’re Back…

We had some challenges with this site last year, but all the glitches appear to have been resolved.

As we prepare to launch the 2016-17 school year, consider volunteering at your Library.

The Elizabeth Downie Media Library is looking for volunteers.  Student volunteers will be trained in all aspects of running the Library.

Library volunteers will be scheduled before and after school, and/or over the lunch hour to help keep the Library open for students to use.  Time spent in the Library is eligible for the awarding of Community Service hours.

New student volunteers will be contacted during the second week of school to schedule an orientation session.

Returning student volunteers are requested to drop by the Library after collecting their timetable – on Tuesday September 6th – so that we may get the schedule up and running as soon as possible.

Poetry in Voice 2016

Poetry In Voice is a recitation contest for high school students in Canada.

Students memorize and recite poems chosen from among the hundreds in our online anthology. By learning poems by heart, students develop lifelong relationships with poetry while improving their language, public speaking, and memorization skills.

The contest begins in the classroom. Top-scoring students, selected from across the country, win a trip with their teachers to the National Finals in the spring. More than $75,000 in travel and prizes are awarded each year.


ESA’s in-school championship round is fast approaching.  English teachers are organising classroom competitions.  Classroom winners will move forward to the school finals…  to be held in the Library after school on Tuesday February 16th.


  • your English (or French) class is NOT participating in Poetry in Voice, or
  • you don’t have English (or French) on your timetable…

Please… send an e-mail to ASAP.

You will be sent a package of information, as well as a link to sign up for an after-school workshop to help you prepare your recitations.

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